Charms Indo-Aussie Ventures (Migration)  - We make no promises but deliver strong results

Our Migration Agent is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority MARN 1068739 and provides information and advice on a wide range of Australian Visas, Migration to Australia and launching appeals with the respective Review Tribunals. We are professionals and will help you with your Visa application right from the initial advice, assisting in filling up your visa application and liaison with the Immigration Department during the processing of your visa application for a wide range of visas including:
  1. Visit Visas
  2. Business Visas
  3. General Skilled Migration
  4. Temporary and Permanent Migration to Australia
  5. Parental and Spouse Visas
  6. Partner and Child Visas
  7. Launching Appeals with the Migration/Refugee Review Tribunal
  8. Significant Investor Visas

NEW: Persons with high net worth in excess of $5 Million can apply for a Significant Investor Visa. The Funds will be invested in Government Bonds and Registered Fund Managers. There is a significant return on this investment.
Applicants can use our first free phone /email service to provide us with all the required information required for us to determine which visa would be suitable for you. We require a short meeting of (45 -60 minutes) where we provide and answer any question you might have regarding the appropriate visa you may be eligible to apply for. No Migration Agent can guarantee issue of help you apply for a visa which we believe you would be suitable for and can hope to obtain from the Immigration Department. If you wish to use our services as a Registered Migration Agent, we will then issue you with a Letter of Engagement which includes a link to the Migration Agents Code of Conduct that tells you what type of service you can expect from our company and a quotation of our fee for our will then provide you with the required application forms, on how to fill it up, of required documents that are required for the visa application and all our contact details. A copy of the Code is available here


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